BC Commercial Insurance was founded by insurance professionals who noticed that Small Business Owners had the following characteristics when shopping for insurance:

  1. They always want to be shown their least expensive option (even if they end up selecting a more expensive version).
  2. They want someone to clearly explain the pros and cons of their choice
  3. They don’t want to be sold something that they didn’t want by an aggressive agent
  4. When they purchase a policy they expect their agent to stay in touch with them and continue to provide service for their policy.

We have taken these characteristics and turned them into the foundation of our business. Bear Creek Insurance Services, Inc. specializes in Workers Compensation, Property and Liability Insurance, and Group Health Insurance.

We are based in Murrieta, California, and can help virtually every type of small business.

Many of our clients are located throughout the Inland Empire and San Diego, and we try to emphasize the benefits of having a local agent by doing business in person whenever possible.


The companies we’ve carefully chosen to partner with pay our fees, so quite often, there is little out-of-pocket fee for our clients. We strive to ensure that the quotes we offer are among the lowest in the industry.


We think the defining characteristics of experience are age and competency of the companies you’re doing business with. BC Commercial Insurance ONLY partners with dependable insurance companies with experience and track records that you can depend on.

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  • Dependable. Will they be there for me when I need them?
  • Approachable. Can they understand where I’m coming from?
  • Knowledgable. Do they know enough to correctly advise me?
  • Local. California’s a big place—if I have a problem, will they disappear?
  • Experienced. Do they know enough to guide me when I need it?
  • Caring. Do I get the feeling that they care about my needs?
  • I am proud to have partnered with BC Commercial insurance for all of my company’s insurance needs. I was initially sold on the low rates that I was quoted, but the customer service has been fantastic, and has made me very glad I switched. My agent, Tim, is the most professional insurance representative I have ever worked with and I count him as a true asset to my company.

    Rick Drake
    Rick Drake Goodyear Tire Centers, San Bernardino
  • Friendly and so much more than "simply competent".  We are pleased to have chosen BC Commercial Insurance to handle our insurance needs, and it’s nice to know that if I ever have a question I can just call and talk to my agent. He is so helpful!

    Esther Lee D.D.S.
    Esther Lee D.D.S. Wellness Dental Care, Redlands
  • I was literally dreading getting insurance—I didn't want to think about it, I didn't want to be sold more than I needed, and I certainly didn't want to spend countless sleepless nights regretting my decision. I guess I picked BC Commercial Insurance because my agent "cared". Truly incredible customer service, bar none.

    Byran Newell
    Byran Newell Connectively Media, Murrieta
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